U.S. Senator Dick Durbin Endorses Kevin B. Morrison

Chicago, Illinois -- U.S. Senator Dick Durbin today announced his endorsement for progressive Democratic candidate Kevin B. Morrison, who is running against Rauner-Trump ally, Illinois Republican Party Chair, 15th District Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider.

“Kevin Morrison will be a fresh voice on the county board. Families in Cook County are looking for a change and Kevin is the breath of fresh air we need. Kevin will be an independent voice and a full-time commissioner who we can trust to advocate for working families, and I am proud to support him,” said Senator Durbin.

“Senator Durbin’s endorsement is especially meaningful to me because I have respected and admired his many years of service on behalf of the great state of Illinois. He has always stood on the right side of history, fighting for our women, working families, and children, and now he has become a leading voice against Trump’s disastrous administration, and their constant attacks on free speech and our Democracy. I look forward to serving on the Cook County Board with Senator Durbin’s support, as we continue to push Illinois in a better direction,” said Kevin B. Morrison.

Kevin B. Morrison will make history as the first openly LGBTQ person to serve on the Cook County Board. The Schneider-Trump-Rauner Republican Party machine has consistently voted against the interests of women, families, and children to side with special interests and the wealthy 1%. As an absentee Commissioner, Schneider has failed the constituents of the 15th District by missing over a quarter of his scheduled meetings and only sponsoring four ordinances while every other Commissioner serving a full term have sponsored at least twice as many. When the opportunity to protect families and women came up, Schneider cast a “no” vote against protecting our families’ public safety and funding the criminal justice system.

District 15 Map

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