Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi Elect Endorses Kevin B. Morrison

Chicago, Illinois -- Today, Democratic Nominee for Cook County Assessor, Fritz Kaegi, announced his support to flip the 15th District by endorsing progressive Democratic candidate Kevin B. Morrison, who is running against the Illinois Republican Party Chair, 15th District Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider.

“I am very excited to support Kevin because I know that he will be a key ally as I reform our property tax assessment system. Kevin and I share a commitment to bringing fairness, transparency, and accountability to County government. I know that he will be a true partner as we advocate for our working families,” said Fritz Kaegi.

Kevin B. Morrison throughout this campaign has been speaking with voters about a key issue in the Northwest suburbs, our broken property tax system. Kevin’s opponent time and time again has only stood up for more property tax breaks for multi-billion dollar corporations, which then fall on the back of our hardworking families and small businesses. Kevin believes it is time that our families and small business community get a break and looks forward to standing with our new Assessor to push for automatic enrollment of the seniors’ exemption—a streamlining, long overdue reform that requires a change at the state legislature.

“I have found a true partner in County government that shares my philosophy of a government that works for the people, not just the well-connected,” said Kevin B. Morrison. “I am humbled by Fritz’s vote of confidence in me, and I look forward to working with him as we bring the changes necessary for our hardworking families, and fix this broken property tax system once and for all,” said Kevin B. Morrison.

Kevin B. Morrison would make history as the first openly LGBTQ person to serve on the Cook County Board. The Schneider-Trump-Rauner Republican Party machine has consistently voted against the interests of women, families, and children to side with special interests and the wealthy 1%. As an absentee Commissioner, Schneider has failed the constituents of the 15th district by missing over a quarter of his scheduled meetings and only sponsoring four ordinances while every other Commissioner serving a full term has sponsored at least twice as many. When the opportunity to protect families and women came up, Schneider cast a “no” vote against protecting our families’ public safety and funding the criminal justice system.

District 15 Map

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