Lack of Leadership and Family Values Under GOP Commissioner Tim Schneider

Once again, the party of family values is in the news but this time it is not because they have embraced an avowed Nazi but because Illinois Representative Nick Sauer shared private naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend on Instagram. Again, GOP Chair Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider has remained silent on this important issue instead of condemning it as a horrendous attack against a woman.

Under Schneider, the GOP has continued their assaults against women’s rights and this is no different. In line with President Trump and Governor Rauner, Commissioner Schneider continues to fail women.


Kevin B. Morrison has dedicated his life to organizing communities for better representation and services, while also devoting many years to his family and their small business. With Cook County at a crossroads, he decided to run for Commissioner to ensure its residents have a strong voice representing the 15th District. Running against the Chair of Illinois' Republican Party, he looks forward to bringing inclusive and bold leadership to the district. Raised in Elk Grove Village, Kevin attended Link, Mead, and Conant High School. He went on to graduate from DePaul University, studying Political Science, Environmental Science, and LGQ Studies. When elected, Kevin would become the first openly LGBT and youngest Commissioner to the Cook County Board.

District 15 Map

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