Morrison "presumed winner" in commissioner primary by 12 votes

Recounts and mail-in ballots have been tabulated in the race to be the Democratic candidate for 15th District Cook County Commissioner. Openly gay candidate Kevin Morrison is the presumed winner with just 12 votes, which amounts to 50.03 percent of the vote in the race.

The contest took an additional two weeks to determine a winner, since on the night of the March 20 primary Morrision's opponent, Ravi Raju, had a lead of just 24 votes. A winner could not be declared until final mail-in ballots were tabulated.

The final count took place April 3. Morrison pocketed 11,759 votes while Raju had 11,747, or 49.3 percent. Morrison presumably now goes on to face incumbent Republican Tim Schneider in November. The County does not certify a winner until the week of April 9.

"I would like to thank all the voters who trusted in me on March 20," Morrison said in an April 3 statement. "Our hard work and message of putting our working families first and protecting vital county services clearly resonated with the voters of the 15th district as it will on November 6. For too long Republican Cook County Commissioner Tim Schneider has neglected the families of the district in favor of special interests and billionaires. I will continue to take my message to every voter in the 15th district to ensure that they know where I stand on issues that are important to our families, unlike the entrenched incumbent who is solely ruled by his many conflicts of interests. I look forward to a spirited debate with the incumbent on the challenges that the 15th district is facing and discussing the solutions that I will be providing. The status quo isn't working for our families so I am confident that once again my campaign will be successful on November 6."


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