Kevin wants to end the pattern of the current board kicking the can down the road when it comes to making sound decisions, which places the burden on future generations. He is committed to fighting for policies that will strengthen our communities.

Kevin is dedicated to:

  • Fixing our broken property tax system. It is time to give the break to our hardworking families here in the Northwest suburbs.
  • Implementing a new small business ordinance that would protect small businesses throughout the county, and make it easier to see new businesses develop.
  • Implementing a fair tax code for Middle Class and Working families.
  • Fight against regressive policies like the disastrous Cook County Soda Tax that disproportionately affected our community.
  • A budget that eliminates wasteful spending and solves the County's fiscal issues.
  • Ensuring that our county's civil services remain adequately funded to avoid hiring freezes, furlough days, and other issues which undermine vital services.
  • Protecting senior citizens and retirees by streamlining tax relief policies including the Senior Citizen Exemption and the Senior Freeze Exemption.
  • Continuing to protect our County Forest Preserves, and ensure that we maintain the biodiversity of this valuable resource by expanding protections from invasive species.

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